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About the practice area

Our team supports client companies and entrepreneurs throughout the lifespan of their businesses — from formation and formalization, through growth and exit. We regularly advise entrepreneurs in starting and structuring new businesses or restructuring their businesses as teams expand and needs grow, including adopting equity incentive plans for employees. As our clients enter new contracts or joint ventures, manage and terminate relationships that have run their course, and consider strategic mergers or acquisitions, our experienced attorneys help identify risks, guide negotiations, and achieve target objectives for each phase of business growth.

We regularly serve as outside corporate counsel to clients. We bring our experience to bear in developing policies, strategy, and crisis response, working hand-in-hand with members of the management team. Throughout, we focus on supporting our clients in a manner that protects their interests and positions them to achieve the results they desire.

Although we have in-depth experience in several industries, including food, real estate, arts, and technology, we do not limit our practice to any particular one. Our broad range of expertise and experience lends itself to transactions of all sorts.